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Meri Lou Jewelry is a contemporary fine jewelry company founded by New York based artist and designer Meri Kohen Gershman. Meri Lou Jewelry is inspired by Meri’s lived experience in some of the world’s cosmopolitan capitals–Istanbul, Tel Aviv, and New York City. For nearly two decades, Meri has worked in the fashion industry, designing soft accessories for prominent chains like Zara, H&M, Topshop, and Diesel.  

Meri launched her own jewelry line to narrate everyday voices, ambitions, dreams, and realitiesShe molds timeless 14-karat gold–and precious and semi-precious diamonds–into poetic pieces that convey a message, an action, a lifestyle. It is accessible luxury jewelry for the mindful consumer. Using the highest quality techniques and materials, each piece is crafted by hand and meant to last a lifetime. The jewelry is designed in New York and manufactured in the world’s oldest shopping mall–The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey 

The inaugural collections are titled Treasures of NatureUrban Effervescence; and Haute Couture. Meri invites your imagination to supply the narrative of your favorite piece.





Sustainable Practices

At all stages of production, Meri Lou Jewelry prioritizes environmental care.  There is very little waste created during our jewelry-making process. Any cut-offs from our castings go back into our raw materials mix to be reused in the next product, ensuring a sustainable approach at each step.


Quality & Craftsmanship

Our jewelry is manufactured at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey by professional craftsmen with years of experience. We control each step of production to achieve the highest and most consistent quality.

Our supply chain is carefully selected based on our ethical values of work. Our gold and diamonds are supplied from factories with sustainable practices.



We believe we can profit and have a fruitful business if we care for our environment and our people. With that in mind we built a team with diverse cultures and we believe everyone’s different social and ethnic backgrounds are adding different taste to our final talismans. We also presented our collections on models from various skin colors and we think this brought our collection an enriched look.

Our featured styles are Human and Holding Hands which honor our founding  values. Meri Lou Jewelry stands for Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, principles that drive decisions for the company every step of the way.

After working for nearly two decades with the most prominent global chains, I am delighted to apply the same commitments to social and ethical principles with my jewelry line.


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