About Us

Jewelry is the medium where I manifest visions and hopes into an artistic craftsmanship


The Brand:

Meri Lou Jewelry is Fine Jewelry brand blending cultural heritage with elegance. 

Meri Lou's statement fine jewelry inspired by Middle Eastern Ottoman legacy and New York’s modern aesthetic is created by New York based designer Meri Kohen Gershman. Timeless lines are core at Meri Lou Jewelry.  A tribute to Art Deco and vintage concepts. 

The work is deeply rooted in sustainable practices while respecting Meri Lou’s master craftsmen at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. The New York born brand perpetuates gold into timeless, poetic, uninhibited pieces that convey a narrative in action.


Meri had a strong passion for art and design since her early ages. She studied Design and Performing Arts Management and designed for world leading brands like Zara, H&M, Top Shop, among others for years. She is deeply influenced and inspired by ancient artitecture and earth themes.

Meri Lou Jewelry Pieces have been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Tatler, Conde Nast Traveler and many others, some of our bestseller pieces has been shown on NYFW.





Meri Lou Jewelry pieces are made from 14kt gold sourced exclusively from Istanbul Gold Refinery that has Good Delivery Refinery Status certified by COMEX, LMBA and DMCC. At all stages of production, Meri Lou Jewelry prioritizes environmental care.  There is very little waste created during our jewelry-making process. Any cut-offs from our castings go back into our raw materials mix to be reused in the next product, ensuring a sustainable approach at each step.




At Meri Lou Jewelry 100% of our products are handcrafted by only 5 artisan craftsmen in Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We control each step of production to achieve the highest and most consistent quality.

We only use silver and gold at Meri Lou Jewelry atelier. So we ensure the high quality products as well as to seek to minimize the environmental impact. We do not use Nickel and Cobalt as they are carcinogenic, potential allergens and harmful to human body.

Giving Back:

Giving back is one of our core missions at Meri Lou Jewelry. Our founder's deep love for children inspires Meri Lou to donate 10% of every purchase to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We dream for all the children to be cured and to return to their homes.


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